Kunsági Éden állásajánlat

Az NT Kft., amely a Kunsági Éden étolajat állítja elő Kiskunfélegyházán állást hirdet élelmiszermérnöknek, PhD hallgatónak vagy végzéshez közel álló élelmiszermérnök hallgatónak.

Job profile: juniour development engineer proteins

Qualification: graduate or phd preparatory in organic chemistry and or food engineering

Strong lateral thinking and cross functionial abilities

Open, discussion, ready, resolute but not stubborn character, teamworker also outside the company

Drive commitment also in environmental issues

After indoctrination understang of consequences of technical proposals in high volume intensive continous production environment.

Analytical both phisically in lab and in presentation of results.

Flexibility mobility

Computer skills: fluency in important current technical and business softwares plus computer conferencing tools.

Language: fluency in English

Érdeklődni lehet:

dr. Köves András


+36 20 529-3995 / +36 20 955-9009