Wednesday, 30 November 2022


Basic Education (BSc):


Mechatronics Engineer:


The aim of this educating is to train specialists who will be able to supervise and control manufacturing, installation and quality control processes based on the use of mechatronic devices and equipment, with the acquisition of complex science, electronics, engineering, IT and economics, to design simpler mechatronic devices, and for the operation and maintenance of mechatronic systems.


Master's Degree (MSc):


Mechanical Engineer:


The aim of the training is to train engineers who are capable of developing, modeling, designing, operating, managing and maintaining the concept of mechanical systems and processes; to develop engineering technologies and processes, new materials and production technologies, energy-efficient and environmental-conscious use; management, leading and organizational tasks; to carry out the tasks of technical development, research, design and innovation; to connect to, and manage, national and international engineering projects. They are ready to continue their studies in doctoral training.

Mechatronics Engineer

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