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General information

Information for SH students from trainings to accommodation.

Student Accommodation Name: University of Szeged Faculty of Engineering Student Accommodation

Address: 6723 Szeged Kollégiumi út 20.



2-3 students are allocated per room, the room size is 15m2, the room has basic furnishing and does not include a private kitchen, bathroom, or toilet.

Common areas can be accessed from the hallways.

Female students’ rooms are on level 1, male students’ rooms are on levels 2 and 3.

(1 student per room allocation is generally not possible, rooms may be available with a bunk bed, every room has one fridge)

All kitchens have basic facilities: a microwave, a stove/oven, a sink.

Cutlery, plates and cooking equipment (pots, pans) are not provided.

Internet (WiFi) of average speed is available, you can access it by registering with your university identification number.

Public transport: local bus service is available, the bus stop is located by the student accommodation, the downtown area is ca. 5km away.

Grocery store/Supermarket: nearest supermarket is 700m away within walking distance (Penny Market)

There are no restaurants or canteens at the student accommodation.

Parking spaces are available but are limited, registration is needed.

Bedding and sheets are provided by the student accommodation. Washing machines are available in the building. Towels are not provided! Rooms must be cleaned by the students staying there, rooms should be cleaned at least once a week and should be kept in order – this will be checked regularly.

Guests are allowed during the day between 9:00 and 23:00, guests must not be left alone at any time.

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