Thursday, 25 July 2024

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mission Declaration and Vision of Future


The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is the professional-content supervision of the technical fields of study both in bachelor and master levels as well as the teaching of the majority of the taught technical subjects. The Department has a strong theoretical basis in the educational activities and the practice orientation based on close business relationships, compliance with the economic and social needs of the region, high-level teaching and research activities, innovation activities and advisory services.


The Department has a well-known and acknowledged, knowledge and self-developing staff and they are committed to engaging in both education and research.


The most important elements of the work in the Department’s collective are: updating the conditions of education-training continuously, taking into account the requirements and needs; increasing the quality, recognition, market efficiency and resource-generating capacity of research and development activities; more and more effective engagement and participation in the area for economic and technical programs of the region.

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