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Food Science and Technology Engineering (MSc)


About the Programme

A certified food science and technology engineer is skilled in the fields of production, technology, planning of operations, management of economic processes, development of products, quality assurance, tender-writing, and is capable of undertaking management tasks while taking into account technical and economic aspects. Food engineers are involved in the development of innovative applications in agricultural technology, biotechnology and processing of raw food materials to produce healthy food products. Between the 2nd and the 3nd semester there is a vocational practice (4 weeks) at multinational, local company or laboratory of food.

Basic subjects: Physical chemistry, Statistics, Transport phenomena, Quality management, Basics of nutritional science;

Specialized subjects: Food safety; Biotechnology in food industry; Environmental management, Marketing; Measuring technics and automatization, Food technologies, Packaging in food industry, Product development and innovation, Food law, Planning of food plants, Novel and alternative food processing technologies;

Elective subjects: Novel food preservation technics, Sensory analysis, Technology of fermented food products, etc.

Students will acquire scientific and technical knowledge to develop healthy and nutritious food products by applying innovative technologies, as well as skills to promote and market them. Food engineers will be equipped with the necessary analytical skills to work on food security and food analytical projects. Students who graduate from the Faculty usually choose their carriers in the sector of food and beverages at production companies; at research institutes, at biotechnological laboratories or international advisory companies.

Level of the programme: Master of Science (MSc)

Duration of the programme: 4 semesters

Registered in: Hungary

Credits: 120


Who should apply?

The program is planned for students who intend to pursue a Master of Science in Food Science and Technology engineering in English by completing this two year long course.

Application requirements: Submitted online application form; Bachelor of Science certificate (BSc in Food Engineering, Biotechnology, Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture, Agronomy, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Microbiology, Analytical, Organic Chemistry or Physic), a demonstrated proficiency in English (B2 level or equivalent) and a Skype interview (oral entrance examination).

Tuition fee: 2650 EUR

Start of the program: September

Other fees: 150 EUR entrance exam fee


For more information watch our video below or contact Dr. Anita Vidács ( via e-mail or call +36-62-546025

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