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The staff of the Department deals with the following research and development topics:


  • The 4th Industrial Revolution and its Embedded Systems
  • Production and Utilization of Biofuels (biogas, biodiesel)
  • Biomechanical Motion Tests
  • Microwave Treatment of Waste Water Originating of Food Industry
  • Analysis of the Interdisciplinary Nature of Energy (Energy Trilemma)
  • Examination of Heat Transfer Factor
  • Possibilities for Energy Utilization of Depot Gas from Waste-dump Sites
  • Application of Linear Motors for Mechatronic Devices
  • Energy and Environmental Issues Related to the Use of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Technical Diagnostics, Especially Vibration Diagnostics
  • Static and Dynamic Modeling of High-precision Positioning of Pneumatic Artificial Muscles
  • Robot Technology, Artificial Intelligence
  • Test of Soil-compaction
  • Eliminating Dangerous Stochastic or Deterministic Vibrations


Projects related to the Department professionally:


  • Integration of Mechatronics Model to Studies Programs (Leonardo da Vinci Partnership Project 09/0128-L / 6018), 2009-2011
  • Border Cooperation Specialists Training in Industrial Risk Management (HURO), 2011-2012
  • Increasing the Service Life of Tillage Elements of Agricultural Machinery and their Effective Renewal Possibilities (HURO), 2012-2013
  • Joint Development of Curricula and Teaching Materials of Mechanical Engineers at MSc Level. Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (HUSRB / 1203/221/075), 2013-2014
  • Developing a Third Generation of Harmonized Service Portfolio and Management System and Strategic Optimization in the Form of Community Type of Higher Education Cooperation in South East Hungary (TÁMOP-4.1.1.C-12/1 / KONV-2012-0004), 2013-2014
  • Development of Implantation Surgical Planning and Drill Guide System (GOP-1.1.1-11-2012-0372), 2013-2014
  • Sector Preparation for Training and R & D Tasks Related to the ELI Project in Hungary (TÁMOP-4.1.1.C-12/1 / KONV-2012-0005), 2013-2015
  • Exercise-oriented Trainings and Services Based on the Labor Market Needs in the Focus of the Szeged University (TÁMOP-4.1.1.F-14/1 / KONV-2015-0006), 2015
  • Economic and Social Positioning of the University of Szeged on the Basis of the Quadruple-helix Model, the Development of Knowledge Transfer Practice in Hódmezővásárhely-Szeged, a Priority Growth Zone (TÁMOP-4.2.1.C-14/1 / KONV-2015-0013), 2015
  • Electrification of Public Transport in Cities (Horizon 2020 ELIPTIC Project), 2015-2018
  • Development of Integrated Crop Production Technology in Vertical Farms (GINOP-2.1.1-1-2015-00422), 2017-2018
  • Personalized Restoration Implants for Healthy Society (GINOP-2.1.1-15-2016-00004), 2017-2018
  • Research Development of Disruptive Technologies in e-Mobility and their Integration into Measurement Training (EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00014), 2017-2019
  • Innovative Development of the Education and Service Performance of the University of Szeged in Preparation for the Challenges of Labor Market and International Competition (EFOP-3.4.3-16-2016-00014), 2017-2020
  • Developing Skills Development and Communication Programs at the University of Szeged to Promote the Entry into Higher Education and Promote MTMI Programs (EFOP-3.4.4-16-2017-00015), 2017-2020
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